Marisso Slings City Frappe

Marisso Slings City Frappe

Blend: 100% Organic Cotton Cloud weave
Weight: approx. 280g/m2


City Frappe is an all cotton wrap, which surprised me when I first felt it. It feels in hand like a blend that contains airy wool. It’s surface it very soft and the (pocket) cloud weave it has, gives it a cushy feeling. After a first wash it even more popped up even more. So, it’s soft, airy, cushy and quite thick in hand, but feels moldable and with recoil.

So let’s try it on, I have had my 1,5 yo up in a Shepperd’s carry, a simple ruck and a kangaroo carry (and that carry and I will never be friends). For the Shepherd’s carry, the second pass took some grip on the first, just that amount of grip that you need for the Shepherd’s to stay put, because of the lack of legpasses. My shoulders were very comfortable, this cloud weave is just really soft for the shoulders.

For the ruck, the single layer carry, it could definitely hold my 9 kilogram girl, and again nice for my shoulders. Although I don’t like the Kangaroo carry, I wanted to try it with this wrap. Usually the wrap slides back from my arms to up my shoulders when I try to get something out of the top kitchen cabinet (arrrg), but the combination of dry cotton, texture, and weave of pattern makes that it doesn’t.

I really enjoy the cloud weave, and City Frappe are really my kind of colors. I have a size 4 of this wrap and although I hardly use this size, I am starting to challenge myself and try new, different carries, so I can wear with this one.




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