Tulipe Turquoise La Prairie – The Little Black

Tulipe Turquoise La Prairie – The Little Black

Blend: 58% raw tussah silk (Oeko-Tex certified), 42% finest organic cotton (GOTS certified)

Weight: 290 g/m2


When La Prairie arrived at my house (it then had no name yet and it was still in loom state) it stole my heart right away. The wrap has a couple of characteristics that I love, and they are well combined in this La Prairie wrap.

This La Prairie is a (58 % raw tussah silk & 42 organic cotton) wrap with an overall organic flower design, with quite some depth in the pattern, due to the weave. In the centre of the flowers, the threads seem thicker, and thus the color more dense, which occurs because of the weave technique.The flowers have the color of the raw undyed silk, which is crème to vanilla. The base of the wrap is black, well, actually it is black but it doesn’t look black. The raw silk leaves ‘hair’ in the weave with the black cotton, which provides a bit of a hairy, lighter, wooly, vintage look. So basically it is black cotton, but it doesn’t look too deep black.

The wrap feels on both sides quite different. On the black side with vanilla flowers, the cotton of the black feels really soft and the flowers provide grip. On the other side, the silk gives the wrap a dry feeling and the back flowers are soft. As said, it arrived in loom state and I could really feel that, La Prairie was a bit stiff, so  it needed a proper wash. The wrap didn’t bloom much, but it became softer, after already one wash you can feel a lot of difference. The raw silk works like magic, you need to put energy into it, but then you get something wonderful. And with some work, it softens up pretty quick.
La Prairie isn’t a thick wrap, I would say thin to medium, and a lovely bit of diagonal stretch. The weave is medium dense, it is a strong wrap and it is not the lightest, but it is far from bulky or hard to handle.

For me, as said, this wrap has a couple of characteristics that I love. The natural (high-silk) blend, the undyed raw silk, so pure of feeling, smell and color, combined with organic certified cotton. The pattern is really tender, a bit romantic, without being frumpy. The irregular weave, this gives the wrap a very natural depth in the pattern and provides grip. The ‘hairy’ look of the silk through the cotton, picking off hard black and giving this wrap a soft and cosy look.   The quite different sides, contrast in look, color and also in texture and touch on the skin. What can I say, I am blown away by this one.

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