Weaverbirds Viola

Weaverbirds Viola

Blend: 100% sustainable cotton (certified by Cotton made in Africa)

Viola is an all cotton wrap, made by Weaverbirds. Weaverbirds wraps are handwoven in Uganda, with medium to long cotton fibers, so they are very strong. The brand stands for ethical responsibility and sustainability, which I personally find very important. (You can read more about that on their website)

Viola has a Herringbone pattern that melts colors from grayish blue to purple together into different gradients along the wrap (horizontally). Viola feels quite heavy in hand, and I weighted it at a gsm of 280. It feels strong, especially for an all cotton wrap, so that must be the long Ugandan cotton fibers 🙂

I have used this wrap with my almost 1 yo daughter in a FWCC, Double Hammock and a Traditional Carry with a slipknot. The wrap is very supportive and forgiving with a sloppy wrap job. It doesn’t sag, even with longer wear, and for my shoulders it was sweet. I think this wrap is very well suitable for babies up to bigger kids. It feels soft enough on the skin for tiny babies and for bigger kids, it holds very well. It has grip, doesn’t move, and my leg straightener didn’t stand a chance!

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