Tulipe Turquoise Signature Starry Night

Tulipe Turquoise Signature Starry Night

Blend: 51% GOTS-certified organic cotton, 34% superwash wool and 15% mulberry silk
Weight: 305 g/m2


Tulipe Turquoise wraps are designed in Belgium and woven and hand finished in Germany. They started their first release in 2017, so its a fairly new brand. This Signature wrap is my first experience with this brand and I am happily surprised when I opened the box. The whole experience of unpacking gives me a luxurious impression; there is a lovely card with a drawing on it, a polaroid photo, a tag and wrapping paper, all ‘in style’.

The Signature Starry Night feels like a Signature wrap; a high standard blend, with wool, silk and cotton. It’s weight is on the medium side of a heavy weight, but it feels airy and floppy in hand. Soft and mouldable, as if it needs hardly any breaking in. Starry Night has an all over pattern that contains stylized tulipes. The colors are royal; just a tad off-white, and dark-blue. This wrap would look good in any occasion; from a chique dinner, to a walk in the park on a lazy sunday afternoon, and all in between. Looking good on a nice dress as well on a old pair of jeans.

I have used Starry Night with my 9 months old baby in a FWCC and I experienced it as a very pleasant wrap. It has some diagonal stretch and nice recoil. It’s thickness was good for it being soft on my shoulders, and keeping us warm and snugg. For a newborn it could be a bit much fabric, so I would recommend it for 3 months and up. With bigger children I think it performs best in a double layered carry.

As said, this was my first experience with this brand, and I am very very impressed!  And I am also very curious what Nóra will create next. If you also want to know more about upcoming releases, you can follow TT on Facebook: www.facebook.com/tulipe.turquoise

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