Soul Slings Meh Dai Tor

Soul Slings Meh Dai Tor, 100% cotton

This Meh Dai (formally known as Mai Tai) from Soul Slings is a Soft Structured Carrier (SCC) . There are dozens of different SSC’s, some with click belts, some with no waist belts, some more heavily structered, some for babies, some for toddlers  and we could go on and on. The Meh Dai is one of the types that has quite some similarities with a woven wrap. Besides that the fabric is as that from a woven wrap, it also has the waist belt and the shoulder straps as a woven wrap. So there is the freedom of tying off the way you want to and it is very well adjustable, so for both wearer and child very comfortable. Actually it is (bluntly) a rectangle with on the top and bottom sides two straps. The ones on the top go over the shoulders and the ones on the bottom go around the waist. Of course this Meh Dai from Soul Slings is made with some nice features as the sleeping hood and extra padding in the shoulderstraps, for more comfort.

I used this Meh Dai with my 9 months old baby, on my back. Be sure that your child can come to a sitting position unassisted before you start wearing him/her in a SSC on your back. Wearing on the front (belly to belly) is always allowed, but for the back carry you should wait until your baby can do this.

For me it is important to be able to get the weight off my shoulders, and therefor it is very pleasant to be able to tie off Tibetan. With most SSC this is not possible, but with the Meh Dai it is very easy, just like you would do with a woven wrap. This way the weight is distributed over my chest and upperback.

You can see that the sleeping hood was very convenient, My little girl relaxed right away when she sat in the Meh Dai, and fell asleep of course. The sleeping hood gives extra support and it is also a good protection agains sun in the summer.

In this picture above, you can see that I didn’t tie off on my belly, but at my back, I find this comfortable. This is a step to take at the very end, when you have tied off everything well. Then unleash the tie and bring it to the back to tie off. If you would do this step earlier, it would get in the way when wrapping around the bottom and legs of your child.

As you can see below, my hubs likes this carrier too! He hardly wears our little girl so I am very content with a SSC that I believe is much more approachable for him.

I am very happy with this SSC, for me, but also for my husband and possibly even my sister or parents when they want to carry our little girl. A woven wrap can be intimidating and this Meh Dai is easy to wrap with, even for a non-experienced wrapper.


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