Löft Bishnu Light Grey Ringsling

Löft Bishnu Light Grey Ringsling

Blend: Cashmere 30%, Silk 30% and Cotton 40%.
Weight: 290 g/m2
Approximately 200cm long incl. rings. 75cm wide.

Signe Persdatter is the creative mind behind Löft Ring slings, she combines her love for textiles with the fairtrade principles she believes in. Löft ring slings have a Scandinavian design and creative origin, but are made in Nepal, under fairtrade circumstances, this is an important part of the vision of the brand. The ring slings are hand-woven and every sling carries the name of the weaver. In this case ‘Bishnu’.

Opening the package, I see a very nice drawstring bag, holding the wrap. It’s a heavy quality bag, good to hold diapers, cloths, of whatever you want to bring along while wearing your baby outside. The first thing I noticed when I took Bishnu Light out of the string bag, was that it feels like a warm, soft, loosely woven, mouldable scarf. So while little one is asleep in her bed, I took it out in the garden, as a scarf. For me it is handy to take a ring sling along as a scarf, especially when I go out with the car and then want to take C. along in the shopping mall. At this point we use a ring sling a lot, because C. doesn’t want to be up front anymore, she wants to look around, and the hip is a perfect place for that. Besides that, a ring sling is so easy and quick, love that.

As a scarf Bishnu Light Grey passed the test! It is so soft and mouldable, and the texture feels like a scarf too. Besides that, it looks lovely and I think for every season-type a good fit because of the neutrals. In Bishnu Light we can see light-, medium- and dark-grey, with black, in a loosely woven texture. It looks and feels wooly (with no scratch) , and contains 30% cashmere, 30% silk and 40%cotton. It has black satin-gloss rings and is not tapered at the end.

The ring sling has quite some diagonal stretch, and as said before, a bit loose weave, which makes it  mouldable and easy to slide through the ring sling to adjust for your baby. Bishnu Light Grey is a lighter version of the ‘original’ Bishnu, it weighs 290 gms, while the original Bishnu Grey weighs 380 gms. This lighter version is especially made for new born, little babies and more bigger baby’s. The original heavier version is suitable for also bigger children, let’s say big toddlers and pre-schoolers as well. I thought about trying to carry my toddler with this wrap, but decided that wouldn’t make any sense, this light version is not made for that purpose. This one is made for baby’s, and good for me, I have a baby! C. Is now about 71 cm and 7-8 kg. And I must say that for every up, whether it was to take her out of the car for a short walk or whenever she wanted up in the house and I didn’t feel like really ‘wrapping a carry’, I chose this sling to carry her with. It feels so tender, soft and mouldable, and is easy to sling with. It slides smooth through the rings, is gentle to my shoulders and holds my baby very well!


If you feel like going for fairtrade (of course we want that all of the time, don’t we), a lovely design, luxurious materials, an easy wrappable wrap and a natural feeling for wearing your baby, this Löft ring sling is what you are after.

Have a look at their webshop: https://loeft.dk

at their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loeftringslings

and at their Instagram: www.instagram.com/loeft_ringslings


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