Linuschka Ipomée Friendship

Linuschka Ipomée Friendship 40% organic supercombed cotton, 30% Japanese silk, 30% Egyptian GIZA cotton with LS, 300 g/m2Linuschka

Ipomée Friendship, what a wrap! It was a surprise which wrap I was sent and this one blew me away, it’s colors are vivid and the wrap feels heavenly in hands. Let’s have a closer look at this beauty.

Ipomée is one of Linuschka’s most known pattern, and I believe also one of it’s most popular ones. This one, called friendship, is bright pink with purple. Before wearing it needs to be washed, so I did. I also ironed it on low heat to set the threads well. The wrap blew up after washing and ironing, becoming a fluffy, blankety, yet soft wrap. It is a heavy wrap, quite thick, but very mouldable with a nice bounce. I used this wrap with my new born, and although it’s a quite thick wrap, a FWCC was good to go!

I was also curious how this wrap would be in a regular one shoulder carry, so we tried this with a size 6 :-)) and of course we now had plenty of wrap left to show it off 😉 We had a big knot, and lots of tails, and even more pleasure taking it to the woods. I usually am not a fan of one shoulder carries, but my baby felt weightless, my shoulders were absolutely not harmed and the slip knot stayed well into place. Because of this I can say that the amount of grip would then also be perfect for a Double Hammock. As said, Friendship has a very nice amount of bounce that combines good with the grip. I would definitely want to wear my toddler with this in a Double Hammock, when he is over his wrap strike.

For now, I can say that this Friendship is a very well balanced wrap; not only color wise but also wrapping wise. It is soft, gentle for the shoulders with its bounce, heavy and strong enough to wear a toddler. For a newborn it is a bit on the heavy side, but from 3 months and up, a good to go!

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