LikU Roses (unreleased)

LikU Roses is one of the first wraps of the LikU brand. LikU is a child of Linuschka wraps, with wraps that contain all organic fibers and it will be an in stock line (as Linuschka wraps are Limited Editions).

This is what Linuschka have said about this line:

“…LikU was planned as a part of Linuschka brand but with every new step of developing these new wraps we discovered that even if it is a child of Linuschka it should have its own way. Both have as common – the high quality yarns, sustainable production in a traditional weaving mill in Germany that is already in a few generations family owned company, respect to our environment, animals and people who are working with and for us and the patterns inspired/created by the talented artists of past and today. Linuschka uses a longer time organic cotton warp already, the LikU wraps will be created with 100% organic fibers. The variety of blends is much less as you could find it in Linuschka wraps because of the organic origin. We are planning to have the stock always available in our shop. Without compromises on the quality but with higher quantity we would be able to offer more affordable prices.”

First thing I noticed when looking and feeling Roses, was that it has a very nice color scheme and it feels strong in hand. The roses pattern is repetitive all over the wrap, whereas the contours are white and filled with warm pink and lavender threads. The mix of these give the wrap a coolish pink look. I washed and ironed it, before the first use, and noticed the white outline give an embossed texture that decreases after ironing and probably even more after lots of wearing. It feels solid in hand, medium weight, light stretch, not too smooth on the surface, but quite soft and medium mouldable, it also doesn’t feel too floppy.

For a line that is going to be more accessible for a broader audience (also for beginners with tiny babies) these wearing qualities are really good. I think that a beginners wrap should not be too floppy or have a lot of stretch, because really floppy and extreme mouldable wraps or stretchy wraps can make a wrapjob harder in my opinion, especially with newborns. These Roses are perfect for newborns, up to toddlers (I prefer this Roses with a double layered carry with a toddler); it is good medium wrap, it’s weight is comfortable even for beginners and it has the perfect amount of little stretch to be comfortable and solid at the same time. Furthermore their designs are also very appealing, please have a look at their Facebook page:



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