Sjala Rowan Dusk

Sjala Rowan Dusk

Blend: 90%cotton, 7%linen, 3%cashmere
Weight: 300 g/m2

This one! I was thrilled when Yvonne Duran (owner of Sjala) showed a picture of the wraps that were going to be released this summer. As Sjala ambassadors, we get to see them first, hooray for that! The stash was filled with nice colours and all together they also combine so well, in color and design. One of the wraps in this pile catched my eye, it was pink with warm yellow leaves; Rowan Dusk, and guess what? It had my name on it! Of course I was very impatient for it to arrive, you know, right?

Before I had it in my hands, I knew Dusk’s blend was going to be 90%cotton, 7%linen, 3%cashmere and I had a bit of a thought about how it would feel in hand, nevertheless I didn’t know the GSM, so it was still a bit of a surprise. When it arrived I could finally see and feel this wrap, and it did something to me. Usually I am mostly a fan of ‘earth colours’ and monochrome grey variations, but these colours, maybe even more the combination of these colours, generated emotions with me. (I can’t put my finger on it why, but maybe because they remind me of my favourite bathing suit that I had when I was about twelve years old, but that’s something totally personal) Dusk has intense colours, from a distance you will see pink and warm yellow, but if you look close you can see that the warm yellow is a mix of pink and cool yellow. The colours also change depending on the light. It is a celebration of summer. I think you can understand how hard it was for me to keep the colours and blend a secret for a while.

You can see the cold yellow, that mix with the pink to a warm yellow.
Colours change depending on the light.

That said, I washed, ironed and weighted. The wrap gains weight after washing and has a gsm that I calculated of about 300. It is not a thick wrap, but solid and it feels strong, with a very light amount of stretch. It softened up after washing, but it could definitely use some more love.
We used this Dusk with my littlest one, of 3 months old in FWCC and also with my toddler (14 kg, almost 3 years old) in a FWCC and Double Hammock. With my baby I prefer wraps that have little stretch, just as this one, it keeps her well supported and I didn’t need to retighten when we went out for a walk, even when that walk took us about 1,5 hour. When tightening, I liked the amount of grip (which I would say is medium), that doesn’t make the passes slide as slippery as an eel,  but were very good to do so. The medium amount of grip also kept her from sagging while wearing. The cashmere provides a nice touch of softness as you wish for your baby.


My 14 kg boy hardly wants up anymore, but he did have a rough night falling asleep so I did manage to try this Dusk with him. I felt he needed front cuddles thats why we used the FWCC (On other occasions I almost only wear him on my back). I wasn’t surprised that Rowan Dusk could handle a heave toddler with a single layer, you can feel in hand that it is strong.

On another occasion he went up back in a Double Hammock, the texture provides nice grip, while it is still doable to make the cross passes. It held rock-solid a 14 kg toddler.

We used this wrap when there was pretty warm weather over here in The Netherlands, I tried to keep away from the sun and walk mainly in the shadow. Rowan Dusk is not too thick to be uncomfortable during warmer days and the amount of cashmere is subtle, it doesn’t feel wooly or itchy when wearing on bare (baby) skin.

We had a lovely time with Rowan Dusk, it’s wearing qualities are very good. It is strong, light bounce, light stretch, not too thick for summer and has a lovely soft touch of cashmere. And don’t forget those colours, they will blow you away.


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