Aroha Mutunga Kore Mamaku

The Aroha Mutunga Kore Mamaku was the first release, about a year ago, from the brand Aroha. Aroha Textiles is a small enterprise based in Auckland, New Zealand. Their wraps are ‘conceived and created alongside family and friends, local artists and designers’.  The Mutunga Kore design really speaks to me, it is a strong design and it immediately reminded me of a traditional design. So when I searched for some more background info about this design, I wasn’t surprised it is indeed based on an original design, and besides the beauty of that design, it also represents the bond of love between mother (and father) and child, Aroha says;

“Aroha Mutunga Kore ‘Mamaku’

A parent’s love is immense. Endless. Infinite. Our little ones are always in our hearts and on our minds. They are the heartbeat of our universe. We have named our first wrap in tribute to this everlasting love.

Created in collaboration with Hirini ‘Heeds’ Katene, of House of Natives, Aroha Mutunga Kore is based on an original kowhaiwhai design that speaks of the bond of love between parent and child.

In a zig zag along the length is the manawa line, this is the heartbeat. From here come two mangopare. One is to represent strength and guidance from Mum and Dad. The other is made up of three puhoro to represent the bond between mother and child and their journey in life.

We are excited to bring you the first release of Aroha Mutunga Kore in a deep warm black, woven on an ecru warp, that we have named Mamaku after our beloved native fern.”

That is beautiful, isn’t it? As said, the wrap is black with ecru, where as the ecru on the one, and the black on the other side give unevenness on the surface, which provide a nice amount of grip to keep your carry in place. Mamaku is a medium weight 100 % cotton wrap that has a gsm (after wash) of about 270, it feels densely woven, but still mouldable and not overwhelming when wrapping my baby with, although for wrapping a newborn tiny baby I would personally prefer a thinner wrap.  The wrap feels strong with a low to medium amount of stretch.

We had a Mamaku size 4 to play with, and use dit with my baby in an FWCC tied ad shoulder. It held really well and with tightening we had no sliding problems and no sagging or need to retighten. I also used it with my 14 kg toddler in a single layer ruck, for a short period of time (you know toddlers don’t want up very long anymore, which I by the way really regret), and Mamaku gave enough support for that. For a longer period of carrying a toddler I would recommend a double layerd carry for the extra support and distribution of weight. The wrap is enough densely woven to make sure your shoulders are treated well when carrying a lot of weight.

For me, this size 4 is a good wrap to work with both my baby in a FWCC tas for a longer period of time as well for quick ups and downs with my toddler when needed. The design is beautiful, clear and strong in my opinion, the black on ecru emphasizes this, while it is still gracefully and friendly looking. The fact that it is an easy care wrap makes it an allrounder that can go with you in the rain, in the back of your car as well into your kitchen without having to worry you need to do a lot of hand-wash.  I would recommend this wrap for beginner to experienced, for baby up to toddler. 


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