Volgasling Dots Islands

Volgasling Dots Islands arrived a short while ago at our house. The first thing I noticed were the bright colours and fun pattern. It is an all cotton tri-weave with blueish-purple, yellow and magenta threads woven into each other to show an all-over pattern of big dots on a plain background. The tri-weave gives depth and changing colour to the wrap. When it arrived it felt a bit stiff, so it needed a bath right away. I washed it and after it dried, it softened up quite some already. Before I took it for a try with my squish, I calculated the gms at around 260; a medium weight wrap. It also feels like a medium weight wrap but the weave is not too dense, a bit airy, so it is mouldable, a bit cushy and probably easy to wrap with.

Good for us we had some lovely weather over here in The Netherlands and we could go outside to the park with this cheerful Dots. I wrapped my 6 weeks old squish in a FWCC and there we went. What I really like of this wrap is that it is fluffy, it takes up space, without being too much for wrapping a newborn with. I felt cush and while wrapping it didn’t have too much grip to make the passes, but enough to keep my little one from sagging during our walk.

As said, the pattern and colours really make this a joyful, happy wrap, and I think it is a great all round wrap, starting with newborn and up to toddler. For a toddler or pre-schooler I would recommend a multiple layered carry. These Dots are easy to start wrapping with and have just enough bounce and grip to have it all. Good for picky shoulders because of the cush, and a nice easy care blend. Also nice to mention is that they are really affordable, for a good quality.

You can find Volgasling on Facebook and you can have a look on their webpage.






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