Minako Secret Garden Vintage

Brand: Minako
Design: Secret Garden Vintage
Blend: 58% Egyptian cotton, 24% Tsumugi silk, 16%Merino, 2% glitters
Width: 65 cm
Length: 404 cm
Weight: about 300 gr/m2

This was the second Minako prototype, ànd second Tsumugi silk blend we tested. The first one you can find over here. And boy, they are so different in so many ways! Let me start with my first impressions.  I got this tester in while my little one was asleep, so I ironed it (please, only on lowest temperature) to get familiar with the wrap. First thing that I noticed when I got it out of the bag is that it is a floppy, mouldable, airy, soft wrap, with a spectacular design! It has glitter, confetti nubs and while being a quite neutral wrap (color wise) it has some nice pink spicing it up. And the impression of a beehive due to the hexagon pattern that varies in luminance over the wrap. Just wow! For me, as a neutral ánd glitter lover, this is the first wrap I have experienced that combines both in a really well balanced way.

The blend is 58% Egyptian cotton, 24% Tsumugi silk, 16%Merino, 2% glitters. I calculated the gsm at 300 which makes this wrap a heavier medium weight wrap, but it feels surprisingly light in hand and has an airy weave. The glitter is woven together with the neutral beige/taupe and the colerfull nubs accompanies the dark grey/black in the wrap. The nubs are blue, green, yellow and pink. The ‘right’ side of the wrap is more over neutral with only a bit of pink (of the figurative outlined flower) to give it some spicing up while the other side has almost an all over pink mixture.

This  Minako measures 4.04 meters, so for me  (while being 37 weeks pregnant) the most comfortable carries were the Sheppard carry with two leg passes and Double Hammock tied at shoulder, to avoid a knot or too much pressure on my belly.  I also tried it with a hip carry.
For me and my toddler, I most of the time like thick wraps, but this wrap reminds me how wonderful a soft airy wrap can be. And although its weight is not light, it was so mouldable, soft and cushy. It was very easy to wrap with and tightening was not a big deal. With a toddler I do prefer a double layer carry with this wrap, just because I like the extra support. With a newborn or smaller baby it is also a perfect single layer wrap, and I can imagine that it is a perfect wrap for a simple ruck with a little one. It has quite some bounce, so good for picky shoulders. Compared to Sheru Baltic, which is a heavy, densely woven wrap, this one is very airy and spongy. For me the design of this one is also very appealing, and I am a glitter lover! I would love to add this one to my personal stash.


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