Woven Wings Marble

Brand: Woven Wings
Design: Marble
Blend: 100% cotton
Width: 60 cm
Length: 395 cm
Weight: about 300 gr/m2

Last week we had our first experience with a Woven Wings wrap. This Marble (100% cotton) wrap arrived at a quite busy time of the week and my little one was asleep already, so I took some ‘zen’ time and ironed the wrap. I like doing this with new wraps that come in, because then I can make myself familiar with it, feel them, look at it, and I get to know them a little bit before wrapping with.

This Marble was something I didn’t expect to come in; Woven Wings is mostly known for their abstract patterns with clear boundaries and sharp edges of repetitive elements. This Marble is something else when we have a look at the design. At a first glance and when wrapped with, it’s not obvious where the pattern begins and ends, it looks like it’s going on all over the wrap without repeating itself and there are no clear boundaries of the elements. Although it’s a high contrast wrap with white on black (or the other way around) it is because of the unclear boundaries that we see quite some different shades of grey and a lot of depth in the pattern.

My first thoughts about what the pattern brings to mind as in visual recognition (if not being purely abstract), were birch trees reflections in dark water and it also gave me an Asian-like impression. I have to mention, I didn’t know the name of it at that time. Because of course it looks like marble, but not only….

Wraps by Woven Wings are also known for being not really wide. This one measures 60 cm, whereas most of my wraps have measurements over 65 cm, so it is definitely more narrow. Which doesn’t need to be a problem, and even can be an advantage, because (especially with a smaller child) you don’t have too much fabric ‘left over’. As said before, it’s an all cotton wrap, with a quite dense weave, which makes it really strong, but also means it needs some braking in before it will get its ultimate snuggly soft feeling. I calculated it’s weight (after washing) at around 300 gr/m2, which means it is on the heavier side, which I really like in a wrap, especially in a ‘shorty’. And another good thing about shorties is that you can always carry them with you as a scarf.


For me, as I am 35 weeks pregnant while wrapping with Marble, a shorty was a good-to-go wrap, this one is a long size 4. I could do a shepherd’s carry with 2 legpasses and a FWCC tied under bum, both with no wrap or knot pressing on my belly. Although with the FWCC I did need to wrap my lo quite high for it to be still comfortable for me. I chose for the shepherd’s carry with 2 legpasses, because that way I could show both sides of this wrap at the same time.

With the shepherd’s carry with 2 legpasses I noticed that the cotton provides quite some grip while doing the second pass and it hardly has any glide so the chest pass also holds really well. It feels solid with my 14kg toddler, no sagging, no gliding, but sturdy and quite forgiving when not tightened properly due to the grip. As for the FWCC tied under bum, I didn’t miss any extra support from spread passes, but my lo wanted his arms in at some point, which due to his height in combination with the width of the wrap wasn’t really a good possibility.

Marble is an easy care wrap, which I highly appreciate with an indecisive toddler that want’s ups and downs sometimes every few minutes, in the house or outside while dressed up with mud. For me, this wrap is a really good-to-go wrap, for small baby’s (preferably when broken in) and even as a shorty for toddlers. It is strong, has enough grip, is easy care and the looks of this one really appeals to me.

Website: https://wovenwings.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WovenWings





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