Vanamo Pitsi Aeria

Vanamo wraps is a Finish brand that’s new to me – I’ve been eyeing their wraps for a while but hadn’t had the chance to try one until now. This beauty is called Pitsi Aeria. This pattern was created by their weavers at Kultavilla, they created this pattern on the basis of the Kide design (which in its turn was inspired by the traditional Finnish hand weaved textiles). Niina told me after I received Aeria, that this pattern reminds her of the beautiful hand made lace work made by older women ,and therefor it was named “Pitsi”, this means lace in Finish language. It was also the first thing that came up in my mind when I first had a look on this wrap; it looks like black lace on a deep dark red surface.

Both colors are quite dark, so it is a wrap with not much contrast. When looking close and straight at it, you can distinguish both colors quite well (of course). But looking at it from a distance or an other angle, it’s overall appearance changes. The deep dark red seems to pop-up or lay down depending on the amount of (sun) light, changing it from more stone-red to almost a magenta. And at a distance the red and black pattern interact to a darker shade of these reds.  Also, when looked at under a different angle, the black sometimes predominates the red, due to the weave. I can conclude that this wrap is pretty versatile in appearance and it really appeals to me because of it. For me, the black ‘lace’ on dark red gives it a classy (do I dare to say sexy and feminine? ) look.


Pitsi Aeria arrived in loomstate at my house. It felt a bit stiff, and it took me by surprise how much it has softened up after a proper was and ironing job, the wool has fluffed the wrap and texture up and Aeria feels mouldable, soft and floppy. It has gone through quite a transformation. Aeria has a blend of cotton & merino: 65% merino wool (German, machine washable, mulesign free) and 35% organic cotton (Germany, GOTS). It makes this an easycare wrap, which I very much appreaciate with a size 6 in combination with an indecisive toddler, that makes me need to wrap/unwrap with long tails in the mud 😉


The wrap feels quite light in hand, airy, but has a GMS around 288 (after wash), so a medium thick wrap. The Pitsi weave is a mixture of twill weave and tabby weave. The way these weave types are arranged on the fabric create a multidimensional structure, and adds grip to the wrap. The surface is irregular due to the different weaving and it feels like this wrap will stay in place quite well. So let’s try that!

I tried this size 7 wrap with my 2 years old, 13 kg toddler in a FWCC, a Robin’s hip carry and Double Hammock. The FWCC worked pretty well for us, the strand by strand tightening was easy, and enough grip for not needing to retightening. I did prefer to spread the passes under the bum for even more support. With the Robin’s hip carry (which felt more comfortable for me then the FWCC because of my pregnant belly), I found that Pitsi Aeria has enough bounce to be gentle for my one shoulder that needed to carry the weight of my little one. And despite the fact that it is a size 7 wrap, the extra twist around my waist was comfortable because the wrap is not too thick. For our well loved Double Hammock I could try the sliding of the passes very well. The wrap is grippy enough to provide a nice and steady chess pass and the second pass was grippy but good doable, and didn’t sag. The wrap does need to be tightened properly and neat, then it all holds perfect. Even a single knot would hold and a knotless finish would be great with its grip and texture too.

Pitsi Aeria is a wrap that is soft and mouldable, not too thick and with some grip that is good to handle. Therefor I would recommend this wrap for a beginner with a small baby.  It would also be great for a toddler, preferably used with a double layered carry or spread passes by the FWCC. If you have a sensitive skin or think wool is itchy, you could still have so much pleasure with this wrap because the merino wool that is used is very soft on the skin and is absolutely not itchy! This wrap is perfect easycare, elegant and I really like the different weaves and colors that are used and give this wrap its unique look.

Thank you Niina for letting me try this one!


You can find more info on their website and on Facebook


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