Agossie Origin Pearl

Agossie is a new baby-wearing brand from The Netherlands, founded by Anna Gos. Anna sent me this prototype, with no name yet at the time. My first encounter with the Origin Pearl was a very pleasant one. Especially for a first prototype wrap from a new brand, it really impressed me because of the luxurious feeling and sophisticated and well balanced design. The wrap has a lightblue base with an off-white pattern, which could be abstract or described as almonds, coffee beans or leaves. and although the color palet is on the cool side, the colors are rich and the silk and seaweed give the wrap a lovely warm modest shimmer. Yes! Seaweed and silk, and it even gets better: The blend is very luxurious with 35% organic cotton, 18% Egyptian cotton, 31% Mulberry silk, 13% seaweed and 3% cashmere. For a first prototype I believe you can say that Anna presents herself as a true upcoming “blend-queen”.

It is worth mentioning that the gsm of the wrap is around 400, which is quite a high number. But in hand, Origin Pearl doesn’t feel like a extremely heavy weight wrap. Its weave is not too dense, but flexible and the cotton adds a bit of grip. Origin Pearl feels soft and cool on my skin, qualities that the silk and seaweed add to the blend.

Me and my little one (12 kg) enjoyed this size 4 wrap for a week and most of the time we wrapped the FWCC tied under bum, which means we couldn’t spread the passes for more support. But even if we could, it was definitely not what was needed. The wrap holds perfect with a toddler and single layer combination. The passes slide pretty easy, because there is not too much grip in the blend and pattern combination. We also did some quick rucks and it felt really comfortable and it holds the ruck tight in place, no sagging and no painful shoulders either.

I would recommend this wrap for beginner to experienced wrappers and for bigger baby’s up to toddlers. A perfect balanced wrap, that is luxurious and sophisticated (although it also would perfectly combine with a pair of ordinary jeans)
Anna did a fantastic job with this first prototype, it is a high quality wrap and I am very curious what Anna will come up with in the near future!


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