PinkNova Salt & Pepper Banana Leaves Wrap (banana fibre)

Blend: cotton 80%, banana fibre 20%, 300 g/m2
This wrap came to me after it had been with several other wrappers before, on a trip to become soft. I already heard much about it, and most talk about that is was a beast! So…there it came in… my first impression was that it felt anything but smooth, which I dedicated to the banana fiber, and I could hear it crisp? This wrap’s blend is: 48% Bio Cotton, 32% Ice Cotton, 20% Organic Fair Trade Banana fiber. The use of banana fiber is quite special, and was going to make this a unique experience for me.




I could only wrap a couple of times with it, unfortunately, and mostly wrapped the FWCC with my 2 year old with it. And that banana fibre is rock solid I can tell you! With almost every wrap I prefer to spread the passes over my lo’s bump, for more support, I didnt even think about that with this wrap. The banana fiber is ultra supportive and (it feels) airy, and you can hear it crisp a bit! Besides that it is also easycare. The combination of the banana fibre and pattern adds a lot of grip; I had to work hard to get things nice in place, but it is forgiving because of the grip… and it all holds, even a sloppy wrap job. I would have loved to have a bit longer time with one, cause eventually it will become softer, and that would be nice for the skin. I would recommend this wrap for an experienced wrapper, with a big baby, or toddler and up…and no surprise; not suitable for baby’s. Definitly one of my favorite wraps I have tried in the last year.







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