Wauggl Bauggl Pearls Silver

When Doris asked me to test this wrap, I was very pleased to be able to try this brand for the first time. Wauggl Bauggl wraps are made in Austria and their merino wool (mulesing free) is ethically sourced, which I find very important.



My first impression of the wrap is that it is soft, strong and mouldable and feels like medium-weight in hand. (I didn’t calculate it, but it feels like around 270-280 g/m2) it’s surface is smooth as the pattern integrates with the weft; there is no significant relief on the wrap. This Pearls is a triweave wrap, with mostly diagonal stretch and blendwise consists of 45% GOTS kba combed cotton, 32% GOTS combed longstaple cotton and 23% merino wool. I think this will be a wrap that is good for beginners as well as experienced wrappers, because it is soft and not too much textured, so passes probably glide perfect in place without too much effort. But let’s try that!

We used this Pearls Silver for the FWCC and Double Hammock, both with my 2,5 years old 14 kg toddler. in both cases this wrap was an excellent choice to do this job. For the FWCC it was  strong enough for not having to spread the passes out over the back of my toddler. It holds well enough. And for the Double Hammock, the passes glide easily into place and although the pattern doesn’t provide much textured grip, it could hold perfect my toddler on my back, even tied off with a single knot. For my shoulders this wrap is quite pleasant because it has some nice bounce which I ascribe to the use of the #cushymerino.




We took this wrap for a long walk through the park, on a cold but sunny autumn morning. And the merino wool kept us nice cozy and warm! For non-wool lovers; don’t be mislead by the woolblend of this wrap, the merino used is absolutely not itchy, it is soft on the skin. For as wearing qualities, I would recommend this wrap for beginner to advances wrappers, and for bigger baby’s and up. For newborns I think it could be a great wrap because of its softness, but the amount of fabric could be a bit too much, so therefor recommended for bigger baby’s. Toddlers are definitely doing great in this wrap too!



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