Solnce Phases Travelling Moon

Last week this new Solnce Phases Travelling Moon came in. I have never experienced Repreve before so I didnt really know what to expect from Travelling Moon. This is the blend: 54% Egyptian cotton, 46% repreve, it weights about 300 gr/m2 and is woven with a raspberry weave.
First of all I looked for more information about Repreve. I found the website which contains a lot of information, about the proces ‘from bottle to fiber’, about brands that make use of Repreve and background information.









Phases is one of my favourite patterns around, so I am happy to meet Travelling moon. Travelling Moon is dark-blue/black  with light grey. It feels mouldable, strong and a bit smooth right out of the back. There is a big contrast between the dark-blue/black parts and the light grey parts. The light grey is floppy, structured and airy, while the dark-blue/black is more dense, smoother and less airy. The raspberry weave makes this wrap quite cushy, spongy, it has a nice structure, but I believe the weave is tight enough for it to be not much prone to pulls.


After a proper wash in the washingmachine, cause its an easy care blend (hooray!) it bloomed a bit. But not as much as Kou for example. After washing and ironing it felt even more soft and flowing. I excpected it to feel more ‘plastic’and slippery because of the Repreve, but it didnt. It feels actually as a natural fiber. The dark side is smoother, less spongy then the light side, which makes the passes slide quite easily, but it has enough structure to keep things in place. In comparison to Kou, it slides more easily, because it is smoother, and less dry. I love the luxurious feeling, smell and natural fibers of the silk and wool blends, but I was quite surprised by Travelling Moon’s feeling and wrapping qualities. It’s strong, soft, fluid,  has a nice cush, easy to wrap with and above all; an easycare blend. I wrapped my 2 years old, 14 kg boy, with it in a Double Hammock and it is very supportive. This wrap is suitable for all, it is a perfect wrap for newborns because of its softness and ease to work with, but also great for my toddler because of the strongness the Repreve adds to the cotton.



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