Minako Sheru Baltic

 Last week this Minako Sheru Baltic came in. It was going to be my first experience with this brand. “Minako” is Japanese for “beautiful child”. When i opened the bag, I was very pleased to see it was a thick wrap, cause I like thick wraps. And this one is floppy too, couldn’t be better 🙂  The blend is 68% Egyptian cotton and 32% Tsumugi silk and weights about 340g/m2.

Close-up from the Minako Sheru Baltic wrap, which is white-creme with teal colored graphic fossils on it.

I see a lot of people very enthousiastic about the Tsumugi silk, but frankly, I don’t know much about it. Time to change that…. On the internet I found a lot of information, video’s and this description: “One of the oldest and simplest woven textiles, tsumugi silk is hand spun using scrap filaments from silk cocoons. It is strong, has an uneven but soft texture, and superficially resembles cotton.” (please have a look at the website http://www.kasurihome.com/products/overview/glossary if you are interested in knowing more about Japanese silks)
The wrap feels very soft, and thick, but not overwhelming and it is moldable. I wrapped my 19 month old and 12 kg boy with it in a Ruck, FWCC and Double Hammock. The wrap is a really toddler worthy wrap in my opinion.
It holds the Ruck with one layer totally rock solid. Sheru Baltic is textured, which provides good grip, but I could still easily slide the second pass with the Double Hammock. It has a lot of cush and stretch, and boy do I love that. (and my shoulders too) Although Sheru is not my most favourite pattern, the wraping qualities of this one makes me love this wrap. I now know why people adore the Tsumugi blends!

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