LovaLoom Petalon Caramel Soufflé

This Petalon wrap has stayed with us for seven days, and I really fell in love with it. It was our first encounter with a LovaLoom wrap, and I can’t wait to have another playdate or even a long­lasting relationship with one of them.

The first thing I noticed when I took the wrap in my hands was the weight and it’s sof13094384_236985983356944_7225095044062270187_ntness. The wrap is really a heavy weight (with a gsm around 400!), but soft and moldable, like a blanket that falls perfectly around you. I love heavy weight and thick wraps, so here it began… I had some doubts about the colors, because of my blond hair (not every shade of beige plays very well with that, but I think we color­match). The blend consists out of: 38% pima cotton, 32% bourette silk, 32% cashmere and 10% baby-camel.


13118890_240851349637074_4754001923440919518_nWe carried 5 days in this wrap with a FWCC and Double Hammock. Because of the size (I believe it was a 7, or a very long 6) I could even try a Freshwater finish with it. This wrap was very pleasant to wear with a Double Hammock and FWCC with my 18 months old 12 kg boy. It is strong, cushy and fluffy, with little stretch. The pattern gives it a lot of grip so it could even hold with a single knot. This wrap is pretty forgiving for a non­perfect wrap­job, because of its thickness and grip, and although it has lot of grip, the cross­pass with my DH slide pretty easy.When I tried the Freshwater finish it was sunny over here in The Netherlands and I thought it was a bit too much fabric for a walk in the sun.

I think this wrap is excellent with toddlers, pre­schoolers and anything up. It is quite a warm wrap, so with double layered carries, it would be my choice for winter, fall and fresh spring days.This wrap, I believe, makes anybody not only look, but also feel sophisticated. It has class, style and is so comfortable! Thank goodness it also suits a casual pair of jeans more than perfect. Thank you Christina for this lovely date with Petalon!



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