Artipoppe Burning Tyger

1080DSCF1596This Burning Tyger is a fantastic experience! It is so hairy! I never felt a wrap like this before. This is the blend: 41% Egyptian cotton 31% mulberry silk 28% mohair, and it weights around 297 gr/m2. The copper brown of this wrap is hairy and at the same time the silk adds some shimmer. It feels medium weight in hand and it is very soft, cloudy.

I wrapped my 8 kg boy with it mainly in a Double Hammock, ‘cause that’s our favorite carry at the moment. The wrap gets a lot of attention when walking around with it, people look at it as if they want to pet it, feel it, they probably really want to 🙂  It wraps pleasant, the passes slide quite easy, not too much grip. The wrap is not thick, but looks voluminous because of it’s hairiness. You must really love the hairiness, cause it is also a bit itchy. If you don’t love wool, this is not a wrap for you! But if you love wool, luxurious feeling and a bit of attention, this wrap is perfect for you!


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