Sling Studio Bracken Denim

This was the second wrap I tested for Sling Studio, and like the first one, also a Bracken. I already love the Bracken design and was thrilled I could test it in a blend that I think will be a perfect blend for the summer days that are coming. The blend is 75% cotton and 25% linen, and it is light-weighted. Alice showed me a picture of a stash and told me she would sent me the blue one. (Yes, please, I looove blues!) It was supposed to be soft, and guess what? It is! I don’t know how she does it, but a linen blend that is that super soft, floppy, cushy, right out of the bag, amazes me. I gave it a proper wash and a good ironing treatment before I wrapped my 18 months (12kg) young boy in it.

Woman leaning on a wall, wearing her baby, in a blue with light-blue wrap.
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We used this Bracken with a FWCC tied under bum, plain Ruck and a Double Hammock. The wrap feels light in hand, it is easy to handle and smooth enough to make passes and tighten properly, it is soft and floppy….it has all the qualities a wrap should have for being a good ‘newborn wrap’. But the good news is, this wrap is also perfect for a toddler in a double layered carry! It is strong and the wrap provides enough grip to hold the wrap-job and it has just enough bounce to be sweet for my picky shoulders.
The wrap has a ‘denim’ look and because it is composed of three different shades of blue thread, the texture looks tough, and the ‘wrong’ side even more. In contrast, this wrap has a bit of a ‘silk-like’ shimmer, very chic, I like that.
Besides the looks and the wearing qualities, the good thing about this wrap is that you don’t end up with a bulky knot, it is an easy care blend (hooray for that!) and really suitable for warmer days too. Thank you Alicia for creating a perfect all-rounder!




photocredits:, knitwear by

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