Sling Studio Bracken Blackberry

Sling Studio is described as a ‘manufacturor of quintessentially British woven baby wraps and ring slings’ and was founded in 2013 by Alicia Jeffrey. They design and create their wraps in the UK. The wraps are machine woven, and come in different blends.

When Alicia asked me to test a wrap of her, I couldn’t wait until it arrived. I never had wrapped my little boy in a Sling Studio wrap before, so this was going to be our first time. Alicia told me it was an unreleased (with yet no name), all cotton wrap; 50% Cotton & 50% Egyptian cotton, in blush pink and deepest burgundy. The wrap arrived only a few days later, packed in a nice, sturdy and fashionable, cotton Sling Studio bag.


First thing I noticed when i opened the bag was the softness of the material and the beautiful colors. Bracken is my favorite Studio Sling design anyway, so I was thrilled with it. The wrap is of medium thickness (approx. 250g/m2), feels very soft and mouldable, seems perfect for a newborn baby. The pattern feels like it adds some grip. I couldn’t wait to wrap my little boy (14 month, 10kg) in it.



1080IMG_0466I used it with a Double Hammock (my standard carry for doing groceries), a quick up-in-the-house ruck, and a FWCC. The wrap is very mouldable and easy to wrap with, it has wonderful stretch and cush. With my toddler i needed to pay attention to tighten proper when doing the ruck and FWCC, but the wrap could definitely hold. My shoulders didn’t hurt en the wrap doesn’t dig in my shoulders. When used with DH, the pattern seems to provide grip, but it’s no problem to make high back passes. The fabric slides well with the second pass, but was still grippy enough to keep things in place.




1080IMG_0470I love this wrap because of the softness and rich colors, it is really snuggly right out of the bag and easy to wrap with, and an easy to take care of blend. It is a perfect newborn wrap, up to toddler. I do recommend double layer carries with this wrap with a heavier child, because of the extra support. It felt really comfortable on my shoulders and snuggly soft for my little boy!

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