Oscha Okinami Sia

1080IMG_1232The Okinami (Japanese wave) design is one of the most famous designs of Oscha. This design comes in many colors and blends and is very popular. The Okinami Sia is not too thick and therefore very suitable for a newborn baby. It feels soft, but by the addition of silk it is very strong. The wrap is cool in in warm weather because of the silk and the color is beautiful. Up close you can see the colors teal and white separate, but from a distance it appears as a white cream in combination with teal.


1080IMG_1231Oscha is a family business based in the east of Scotland. Within the family there is a strong cultural and craft tradition, which is reflected in their designs and fine jacquard woven wraps and painting techniques. They are committed to the growth of their local economy and low environmental impact. Their fabrics are woven in Britain and Ireland, even as the dyeing and manufacturing


I have this wrap in size 5 (my base-size) and used it with the FWCC with my 3-6 months baby and also for a quick Ruck. With a ruck I like to tie it off  Tibetan, and this wrap is perfect for it because this wrap is not too thick. (So I don’t end up with a huge knot). This wrap is suitable from newborn to toddler, because its thin, strong and rock solid.


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